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I occasionally make 'Things' for my home but not often.


My stairs look so bland as our landlady prefers us not to decorate so I painted these canvases for a bit of colour to break up the wall.
The canvases were £1 each from poundworld and I used water colours, acrylic and poster paint that were in the bottom of my painting bag left over from my A Level days.
This is proof you don't have to spend a fortune to make something lovely.

Yes I was watching Dr Who at the time. 

Head Board

We bought a new divan bed in the summer and the shop assistant would not throw in the head board for free. I was very shocked by this but clearly I have lost my powers of persuasion through flirting now I have been with my partner for over 6 years and had a child.
O well..... to get over the shock I dived into ebay for a cheap headboard and found this for 99p
My cat approved as did my bank balance.

I was still in shock so went to my safe place - The Fabric Shop - for a rummage in the bargain bins and found a real gem! On my sewing page I said there was a funny story about the bargain bins and here it is.

So I am having a rummage on one side of the bin and an old lady on the other, I find right at the bottom (took some balancing) some black fabric with a sliver pattern. I 'oooooo!' at it and start to pull it out, to my surprise it pulls the other way.... I look up and the old lady is glaring at me with the other end in her hands. I politely say 'Excuse me this is mine.' she then gives off a string of profanity that I would have found very funny if I was an outsider. So due to her being so rude and me still in shock I use my youth and PULL HARD. She ends up in the bin (full of fabric so it was a soft landing) and I run to the counter, the staff are in stitches and explain the 'lady' is always doing that and they were waiting for someone to pull her in the bin and she had been warned many times it would happen. They ring through this fabric that usually sells at £21pm but this was in the £4 box as it had been cut wonky. As I walk past the lady I ask if she wants some help getting out of the bin and she screams at me so I left her there and skipped to my car.

Back home and after I turned over my stash for my wadding that was right at the bottom of the pile I get to play with my new BIG stapler, it makes such a satisfying klunk! 

And the result is......

Wait for it.......

Taa DAA!!!

Very Posh and Yes I watch Star Trek as well

Bedroom Taking Shape

The headboard is now on the bed and looks beautiful even if it does not match the duvet cover.

I have plenty of this fabric left so it would be rude not to use it up and make matching pieces.

I have a wooden box from Ikea bought when I was 17! It has moved house with me 5 times, used as a table when Phoebe was a baby and really has seen better days.
It now lives in the bedroom storing all the bed linen.

Lets get to work on the lid!
A few stapler tension releasing moments later

And I have a storage box with new life.
Not bad for 5 minutes! And FREE! 


Now I am not green fingered at all but I do like a pretty garden. After talking to my landlady she kindly put new turf down in the front garden (we don't have a back garden just a balcony over the garage) and left the raised flower beds to me. My partner dug up all the weeds and the ivy - I quite liked the ivy but as he was getting on with the pulling up I left him to it - and I was left with bare beds. I stood and looked then went inside. My lovely mum came to the rescue! Armed with sooo many packets or bulbs and trowels she got stuck in. Here is what happened now the spring is arriving.

I have now planted some rose bushes and a climbing plant next to the fence. There are lots of buds and shoots so I am thinking that by the summer I will have a very colourful front garden.
In the autumn I must plant daffodils, as we live in Wales its almost law to have them in your flowers beds. 

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