Saturday, 17 August 2013

Time for a catch up!

What has been happening in Wales...... well you may remember me talking about my new car and I was going to make an adipose to keep The Doctor company. Here he is!

He is so cute and getting lots of cuddles from Phoebe when we are out and about.

Phoebe and I went to visit my parents in Southend for a week and it was lovely to be pampered by my mum, she got Phoebe up every morning so I could have a lie in and there was lots of fun down the beach.

And ice cream for breakfast after a dip in the paddling pool

When we got back home we found the manshape had been very busy clearing out the basement and spare room. He has moved everything around and made me a studio! I am so excited about this! My own room just for me to play and I can watch my Babyon5 dvds without complaint :) 

Isnt it lovely!

It looked a bit bland with all the light furniture so I dug out my grandfathers old encyclopaedias and removed some the most interesting pages. Phoebe and I had lots of fun glueing these pages to the table top.


I moved on to making some coasters. At ParentNet we had been introduced to encaustic wax art, its using an iron and melting different colour wax on to it and ironing on the hot wax to card. The effects are lovely and I used the first card I did to make inserts for coaster frames I had been given. 
Here they are

Now you know me by now and I do nothing by halves, I got so into the encaustic session that I let my geek out and made this......

There was some giggling by the others at the group but all were impressed. I have been loaned some of the equipment to have a practice then I will be going round some of the other groups to introduce them to this fun art form. (I did find out the hard way about the burn hazard when wiping the wax off the iron!) 

I have been getting to know Pinterest very well recently and found a pin that explained if you use PVA glue mixed with food colouring you can paint glass and it will still be transparent. 
I found some old sherry glasses in a charity shop for £2 and a sundae glass in poundworld. 

I made the mix and laid it on thick, here is work in progress

and the finish results

cute tea light holders.... 

vase...... (The blue is still wet hence why it looks odd)
the effect is lovely and adds a nice splash of colour to the studio.

I had some of the mix left so I added colour to some of the drawers on my ikea storage boxes

I love my little hideaway and some of the drawers are empty waiting for some beautiful hand dyed yarn to arrive from a co op and a lovely lady on Hook Up with the Crafty Bums. I will show off pics when they arrive.

Speaking of new yarn, my mum (yes it totally her fault) took me to her local chemist where she has seen some very bright wool. She didn't keep an eye on me and I ended up buying 3 balls of each of these!

I am making a blanket for the studio, its a work in progress (WIP)

Its much brighter in real life.
She also took me to a haberdashers near my sisters, and again she didn't keep an eye on me and I ended up with this little lot......


There was no hiding all that when I got home.

I do have some huge news (well I think its huge) I have been given permission to set up a brand new scouting group in the village with my bestie and her mother in law. They both had said they would never go into uniform..... it didn't take much convincing I will be honest. This has taken up a lot of time and the support from the community has been overwhelming! We now have 2 new cub scout leaders and they are so awesome, I have not laughed so much at scouting events for a very long time. We are a very strong team already and I can tell we will be laughing together for a very long time. I will make a post about our new group after the opening night in September.

So that's what I have been up to. I have a minion hat to finish tonight for my nephew so best be off.