Wednesday, 12 June 2013


I have been working so hard to finish my WIPs that have been taking up space. My parents coming up for a visit spurred me on to finish as there was a lot that needed to go back to my sister.

So lets start with the Hook Up with the Crafty Bums challenge blanket. 
This was finished on Friday


I do hope my sister likes it (and never looks at it when she has a migraine)

The Hungry Caterpillar blankets have been very popular here they all are

1: For friend who gave birth early 

2: For another baby born early

3: For my sister

4: For my neighbour 

All the blankets used stylecraft DK, the first 3 used Meadow and Bright Green, the last one used Meadow, Bright Green, Aspen, Spring Green. (Apologies for the pics being a bit ropey I need a new camera)

After finishing all that I found a few hours on Saturday evening while Mum and Dad watched NCIS and the manshape was at a wedding to make my sister another little pressie. 


Now there are many patterns for the converse style booties but I have found them all very fiddly. Then I found Knot Your Nanas Crochet and the pattern was so easy peasy to follow I got these made in 3 hours. Very cute. My sister has been very spoilt and I hope she likes everything.

I am very excited as I have a new car all of my own! A little Ford Fiesta Diesel! The manshape had banned me from putting anything girlie in the 'family car' so now I have my own car I will be filling it with crochet until its obscene! I will add pics when I add bits to the car. The first thing I am going to do is get my 10th Doctor Who doll I made back off Phoebe and he can sit on the parcel shelf with my Scout Leader doll and I have a pattern for an Adipose that will hang from my mirror.

I have a small box the perfectly holds 4 balls of wool so I am going to crochet a TARDIS type cover so it can hold my 'car WIPs' and live in the foot well, I can then make use of the time waiting for Phoebe to come out of school! 

(for non Dr Who fans this is an Adipose)

Another upcoming project will be presents for Phoebes teachers, I found these 

and decided these would be perfect! Pattern found at its a lovely blog so everyone should have a look!

Well as you might have guessed I have made myself quite a long list and I had better get one with it!