Monday, 27 May 2013

Hello I have been naughty again and neglected this blog but it has been with very good reason. 

I am still making many many baby blankets and the challenge blanket for Hook Up with the Crafty Bums. 

So to start I have been making a Spiderman blanket for my nephew, he is about to get a little brother/sister soon so I didn't want him to feel left out.

Its much bigger now but in the washing machine.

The challenge blanket has been coming along at quite a pace, it will become a gift for my sister. crochet stuff isn't really her thing but I am hoping that it's funky enough that she will like it. 

I am starting to fall out of love with this a bit but I am considering using white and slst around the squares to make it pop. The weaving in of the ends is rather hardcore as well. 

I found out about a week ago one of my friends had given birth early so I whipped up a Hungry Caterpillar preemie hat and blanket. Surprisingly this is the only thing that the manshape has said he likes!

The manshape even went as far as saying I needed to make lots of bits of food with holes in for the bottom of the blanket! 
I do hope my friend like this and the hospital allow it.

I decided I had to treat myself too so I ordered a new crochet hook from a very talented lady who runs For the Love of Yarn she is a regular on the Hook Up page and I couldn't resist.

Not a great picture but look it SPARKLES!!! Check out the page, she has some awesome ideas and she has found the geek in us! Last night she posted a pic of a crochet hook made to look like a light sabre! We are requesting sonic screwdrivers, the sword from Thundercats, Harry Potter Wands etc. 

Also check out Sconch Textiles the lovely Samantha has a Bank Holiday offer see her Facebook Page for details. My order is in. The manshape was not impressed when I told him as I have not unpacked the last delivery yet, I explained that order was for the challenge blanket and cant be mixed up with the rest of the stash. He didn't seem convinced. 

I have agreed to have a stash bust, I need a warm cloak with a hood for scout camps. Campfires are fun but does get a bit chilly...... Next camp is in 5 weeks so I need to get cracking 

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