Sunday, 14 April 2013

Baby Feaver!

Yes everyone is having babies at the moment, I am a little jealous I must admit.

So the baby blankets are coming along at quite a pace now, yes I admit I have cheated a little bit. When I first started to crochet I made lots of square and my intention was make the Attic24 BIG BLANKET, if you look at the bottom of THIS page of my blog you can see the beginnings of it. 

Sadly I got bored of it and sidetracked by big granny squares and ripples and it all got packed away into a drawer. 

Roll on about 11 months and I am in a frenzy wondering how I am going to get all these blankets done in time, I remember the bright squares that have been locked away most unfairly. I had to do some frogging as I had started to join them together, Phoebe had fun suddenly being allowed to pull on crochet.

A few whip stitches and borders later and here are 3 beautiful blankets.

The 'rainbow' one bottom left is for a baby, the 'Pink' one at the top is for babies big sister so she does not feel left out and the tiny blanket bottom right is for big sisters doll. 
I really hope they like it as the mum is an old school friend. 

Phoebe has been obsessed with these blankets and they have passed the 'toddler test' so I am making her a new blanket for her bed. Yes I am going blanket crazy! 

Happily this comes at the same time as a new group project on Hook up with the Crafty Bums. 

Inspiration has come from The Adventures of the Gingerbread lady crazy patchwork.
Here is the layout we need to follow 
I admit to causing a bit of a confusion on the group on Friday. I had counted out all the sizes I needed and posted it to the group to be 'helpful'. Instantly people were saying they had different totals to me and it took about half an hour to realise I had counted off the layout on the blog and not realised the layout above was the one we were working from. oopsie. After many apologies and deleting my post I think I was forgiven. They are the most lovely ladies 

So I had to find my colours and I had a few pennies to spare. There is a shop called Sconch Textiles run by Samantha Conway she also has a Facebook Page. Her prices are very competitive and she has branched out in Zpagetti Yarn, I have not tried it yet but there are some lovely rugs being made in the group at the moment! I digress. Samantha has the stylecraft rainbow packs in stock but I don't like some of the colours, I contacted her and asked if she would make me a purple pink and blue pack, I let her choose and 16 balls of stylecraft for £26.50 and free postage was delivered the next working day! How fabulous is that! you wont get that kind of service anywhere else! 

Here are the colours she sent me (she knows how to make colours go together)

So scrummy!

Now after the confusion we are all agreed how many squares we need. I get on the laptop and make a table so I don't have any doubles (nothing bugs me more than a random item with doubles! Its a tick and I am seeking professional help) 

I am now off to figure out a way to make the larger squares.

Before I go here is my stack so far of the 4 round squares.

I have a lot of hooking to do so I'm off. Remember to check out for all your yarnie needs, you wont regret it! 

Monday, 1 April 2013

Its a TAAAA but not quite a DAAAA!

Remember the pattern I wrote recently for 8 pointed star in basket weave well I have done as much as I can now until the baby it is intended for reveals if it is a boy or girl then I will be adding more rounds to finish off.

So here is the TAAAAA.......

the DAAAA will come around September when baby is born :) 

I have about 5 more of these to make before July so I had better get cracking