Saturday, 23 February 2013


Over the past few weeks have been talking about a pinwheel sweater I have been making for myself.

Attempt 1 

I ran out of this colour and £stretcher has not restocked it yet. However I have decided I don't like it so it will be frogged and rewound to make a smaller pinwheel sweater for Phoebe.

This is lovely so I begin again.

So far so good and the pink I found in my Christmas stash really makes it pop!

Round and round I go. You can see the balls of wool were actually green and blue.

Its finished! Here is a close up of the arm. After the pink I increased every round so it flares.

The front! So pretty!

And the Back in all its glory! 

Spread out!
I must add a word of warning to this pattern, the weight of the wool I used (super chunky) pulled the armholes apart far too much so it just kept slipping off. The way its made it will slip off anyway but it does help if it fits across the shoulders. So what looks like cables in this picture are my attempt to pull the shoulders in. I used a needle and started at the edge of a 'slice' counted 2 stitches in and looped the thread around then counted 4 and looped around the 4th stitch, kept going and when I gently pulled the thread through came out with this cabled effect and pulled the shoulders in.

I quite like how it looks. 

So there you are, 1 pinwheel sweater all finished. The pattern I used is from The Laughing Willow but there are some others on Ravelry. Its a very simple pattern and once you get in rhythm it works up very quickly. 

Now I am off to find my new project, my red Ikea arm chair in the corner is screaming for a make over.

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