Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Snow Has Finally Gone!!!

After over a week being cooped up indoors I'm finally free! Phoebe is back in school and Beavers is running again! As beautiful as the snow is in South Wales it comes down heavy so we cant move about.
This is the scene last Wednesday after the last lot of snowfall. You wouldn't think we had cleared the drive and a farmer had ploughed the street the day before, I had managed to get out and top up the fridge and a good thing I had.
We didn't clear the snow off the table on out balcony from the first snowfall to show friends and family in Essex just how much we had, at this point it measures 11inches deep!
We took Phoebe out in the snow and she has decided she does not like it, it took longer to get her ready to go out than we were actually out there! We did build a crude snowman but before we could take a picture some of the teenagers took the head! Never mind.

So to the man of the house spent hours amusing Phoebe with her Fireman Sam set and I  joined 2 new 'swaps' on Facebook page Hook Up With the Crafty Bums. The first one is a pot holder swap, we used the pattern from crochet healing and raymond so everyone at whatever level of crochet can do it. I made mine very quickly using my purple scraps left over from my best mates blanket. Turned out quite nicely
A friend saw this picture on my Facebook wall and asked me to make her a set using green, purple and black. Off I went and it took just over a day to make a set of 5, they have been given to her and she loves them.

The other swap is for this awesome logo
I have started a large purple blanket, just a basic granny square.

I also finished the scrappy ripple I started for my best mates youngest daughter, it has proved a hit.
My cat did enjoy it first.

So that was my snowed in week! Lots of hooky fun, snuggling under blankets, hot water bottles, hot chocolate and a slow cooker being used to extremes! (our oven has broken and the Landlord can't get a new one until Thursday).
Now I had better put down the hooks and do my welsh language homework and do program planning for the beaver scouts. 

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