Saturday, 19 January 2013

Snow Day!

We awoke yesterday full of excitement but had no idea just how much snow would fall! This is our balcony and just under 1ft of snow! Phoebe was so excited to go out and play.

We all dressed warmly and ventured into -2C. Phoebe loved making footprints in the virgin snow and throwing snowballs, we walked to the shop to get some chocolate. The teenagers were sledging down the slopes next to our house and offered to take Phoebe down, she didn't want to but clapped as they flew past.

After the walk and play that lasted over an hour we were told by Phoebe to go home as she was cold.

Her idea of warming up was not to share hot chocolate with us, but to find my comfy lounging trousers and wear them. She was waddling all over the place! While we watched Big Bang Theory and Phoebe played with Pontypandy......

I added some rows to a ripple blanket using all my scraps for my best mates youngest daughter.

My cat clearly thinks its for him.

I hope everyone is keeping safe and warm in the lovely snowy weather. 

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