Thursday, 15 November 2012

Wow its getting cold here in Wales

I have been making the blanket for my best mate every moment I can find but it went wrong so I am starting over and using what I have made so far as a cushion cover. Did mean I had to make another order from wool warehouse. Very lucky the man of the house was not home when the postie arrived today. Such lovely purpley yumminess.

I have had to put down the crochet for a few hours though, Phoebe has to dress up on Friday for Children In Need and the nursery group are dressing up as pantomime characters. I didn't want to spend much so I emptied out her dressing up box and found a lovely red dress that is far too big so I nipped and tucked it so that it will stay on. Then I found a red fleece throw in my stash and I made a simple cape.
Here is the result.

If you have not guessed Phoebe will be going as Little Red Riding Hood. 

She was a little wiggly during the construction on the cape but I think she was happy with it.

Right then back to the crochet I go. Keep warm out there.

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