Wednesday, 7 November 2012

So what's been happening in October? Blimey so much, I have no idea where the month has gone.

 Where to start?
OK I went to a craft fair in the Cardiff football stadium at the beginning of the month, it was over 2 floors and very busy but I was able to get myself a packet of buttons that Phoebe took an instant liking too. She played with them for hours and when Himself went to put them back in the back she yelled 'NO TREE!' after closer inspection she had arranged them in the shape of a tree! 

I have been practising machine embroidery and to be honest it's not going well yet as the metallic thread I bought keeps snapping in the machine, that thread could end up expensive. However I am getting good at trees.

I have in no way given up on the crochet, the Granny Spike blanket is getting used well on the bed and since the weather is getting colder doing very well keeping us warm at night.

 Lovely and snuggly.
My intention when I started this blanket was to use up my scraps, but after using up an awful lot of balls I still have lots left. I was chatting to some people on the Facebook page Stitch and Bitch and I notice lots of people were making Harlequin Hoodie and I couldn't resist making one for Phoebe to wear when we are waiting in the playground of her nursery.
I doubled up the DK yarn again and came up with this.  

When it was finished Phoebe was more than happy to wear it all day as she had a bad cold.
Even poorly she looks pleased with it.
A few parents have asked me to make them hoodies for their children and themselves but at the moment I am so busy I don't have the time, there are 2 reasons for this, I have had some full time work so been very tired in the evenings and my best mate asked me to make her a blanket.

As she is my best mate and does so much for me I thought I should make a blanket that requires some real effort and spent 3 days trawling Ravelry for inspiration, I found one I liked but I am not going to share that yet as she has no idea what its going to look like.

I went on Wool Warehouse and made an order for the yarn I would use for her blanket and it was delivered yesterday. All this for just over £25 free delivery!!

These are the colours that are going in her blanket

To finish the month we carved pumpkins, the one in the middle was by Phoebe, she drew/scribbled on the pumpkin and we cut it out, we think it looked pretty good. The one on the right is mine and its supposed to be Jack Skeleton, the one on the left is His and its supposed to be a vampire.......

The day after halloween I was sitting in the living room when I noticed an awful racket, I look out of the window to see this!
You can be forgiven for thinking its snow, it was in fact about 10mins of HAIL!!
Winter is definitely on the way BRRRRRR

I am off now to get started on the blanket and have a huge mug of hot chocolate with Phoebe.  

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