Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Hello and may I apologise for neglecting my blog for so long. I have been BUSY BUSY BUSY with one thing or another.

So what's been happening......
Well first I was finally awarded by Wood Beads for completing my leadership training course as a Beaver Scout Leader. (Ages 6-8)

I have also become an Assistant Scout Leader (ages 10-13 eeek!)
One of my first session as Assistant Scout Leader was to make sure they knew their promise so we got them to write it out in alphabetty spaghetti! 

It took about half an hour as it would seem Heinz does not put enough 'N's in 1 tin, so they were hunting around looking for the illusive 'N'. They got creative and hashed other letters to make N or tipped over Zs 

Over the summer holidays myself and 2 other mums have become accustomed to girly nights, sharing some wine and cooking each other dinner. We have decided that getting a take away is not a great idea. Look how much was left over when I opened the oven one slightly hungover morning.

We do have lovely evenings just gossiping. My manshape comes home from air cadets and drives everyone home, he will join us and gossip until they are ready to go. Last week it was 12.40am! on a school night! 

My Phoebe has started her 15 hours of school per week and she loves it! I hate that she has to wear a school uniform, she just looks too small. 

When she gets home from school all she wants to do is paint
and play in her tent with daddy

I have managed to get some crochet done too, I saw a video for a granny 'spike' square and loved it. In a normal granny square there are 3 stitches around the ch1. But in a spike the first stitch is around the ch1, next stitch goes through the cluster below, next stitch is around the ch1. 

I started making a blanket, I wanted a nice thick blanket for our bed ready for the Welsh winter, as I am unable to buy more yarn I had to mix it up and use up everything I has starting with the Aran weight.

Day 4 (sorry for the shake)                                           Day 8 Phoebe takes a shine to it

Day 20                                                                         Day 24

Day 32! Nearly finished!

Close Ups

I think that's everything. 
I will be more regular again and with lots of new stuff, I am purchasing a new sewing machine soon and making presents for Christmas!
See you soon xxxx