Friday, 15 June 2012

Its been a stressful but happy week here in South Wales. The man of the house has been on a course to help him start up his own business and been out from 6am until 7pm so Phoebe has not seen much of her daddy.
There has been a lot of issues with my internet and phone provider so I have had to learn how to cope without internet (not easy).
So Day 1
The car is in the garage all day so we can't go out, a friend came over for coffee and a chat that lasted all morning, we practically live at each others house! When she left I turned out my stash cupboard and found all sort of fun sparkly bits and glue. 2 hours later and me covered in glue Phoebe has made lovely cards for her nanny and aunties birthdays and a collage for her other nanny.

Day 2
Car in garage again so after taking Phoebe to nursery I camped out at my friends house near to the garage and ended up having lunch there. Phoebe had lots of fun playing with the vast array of toys at said friends house (she does have 4 children so lots and lots of toys) 
When we got home Phoebe went to her room and fell asleep straight away so I snuggled in and finished a crochet bag....
The pattern came from Attic24 Here but with a few alterations. I used 2 strands of aran weight yarn at the same time and an 8mm crochet hook. I followed the flat round pattern up to round 7 then stopped increasing and made 15 rows going up and shell edging to finish. Using such thick yarn in 2 strands means if you follow Lucys' pattern the bag will be enormous. The handles are about 55cm as I hate long straps. Please note Lucys' pattern for this bag is in US terms, I thought I was being clever and after 30 rounds I realised I was using the wrong stitch and had to rip back to the beginning. That will teach me for not reading the tutorial properly.
The bag just needs lining and when I can get to the sewing machine it will be done.
Day 3
I sent a few packages today and while at the post office saw fairy wings and wand for a few ££. The parcel was cheaper to send than I though so bought the wings and wand. Phoebe is loving being a fairy.
Now who can be a fairy without fairy cakes?
 Cases in the tins.................

 Mixture in the cases........

Rising nicely mmmmmm.....

Day 4
After dropping Phoebe off at nursery I went to the coffee morning at the church hall. Its loads of fun as we are all friends anyway. It had been arranged that we would make mosaic pots. Loads of fun and some bad language as people got annoyed with the tiles falling and slipping off the pots.
The rest of the day was spent in pyjamas and watching childrens TV. Phoebe made herself a little den and I decided to make another Spring Flower Wreath as seen on attic24 Here and my first one that I sent to my mum Here. I wanted one of my own to brighten up the top of the stairs.
I used robin marble in blue and white for the ring and lots of scraps for the flowers and leaves.
Sewing on around the foam ring...
Makes me so happy to see it there at the top of the stairs leading to our loft bedroom looking all bright and sunny in such a dark landing. I think it needs me to make some butterflies and birds to hang around it as it is quite small.

Well it has been a very mad week but now we have internet back up I need to browse kindles books, crochet patterns and SKY have been very nice and now they are taking over our line they have offered the movie channels for FREE for a few months so I also have to set loads of films to record. What a busy and also wonderfully lazy day I have planned.... with lots of cakes and cups of tea. If anyone hears screaming later its just me watching paranormal activity 2 (I am a total coward lol)
Have a lovely weekend everyone..... xxx 

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