Friday, 1 June 2012

Another lovely week its been here in South Wales
(photo borrowed from my friends album) 

Been busy with said friend as she invited me to see Bear Grylls at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff on Sunday. She had free tickets as a member of scouting, it was a brilliant evening and I met more people in the Mid Glamorgan Area (always good for ideas) about 90% of the audience were members of scouting and wearing some form of uniform.
My friend is MAD about Bear and was soooooo excited.
We had really good seats (thankfully far enough away from the stage that we didn't get maggots and worms thrown our way) but the kids in the front rows love that sort of thing. I ended up staying at my friends for the night and felt a bit worse for wear after tooo much of the vodka and chatting until 3am but I did have her little cat sleeping on my feet all night so they stayed warm.

After recovering from a great evening I settled down on my terrace and with Phoebe happily playing in the paddling pool I got to work on my new project. I have only been able to pick it up every now and then but I love the result. 


The idea was another wonderful one from Lucy at Attic24 its her May Rose Wreath please see Here for her TADAA and tutorial. 
I used a 17cm ring (see above link for details of ebay shop) so smaller than Lucy's and I didn't like how my stripes were looking so cheated a bit used my Robin Paintbox wool for covering the ring. 

I am now going to attempt a Christmas one to see how it turns out.

Right must dash and attend to a car that might not last much longer.

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