Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Well I have been so busy here so not had much time for bloging. There have been days out with the beaver scouts and lots of clearing out the house.
Today though I decided it was high time to sort out my terrace balcony, we have neglected it far too much by only using it as an ash tray. The view is lovely and should be used more. 
We took Phoebe to nursery and went into town where I got 5 stackable pots from poundworld, 40 litres of compost for £2 from B&M Bargains, flowers and pack of 5 single pots from B&Q as well as a big pot of decorators filler.... (All will become clear)
Once Phoebe was home from nursery and having a nap I went onto the terrace and completely swept, threw away all the rubbish and tipped away the stagnant rain water from the the old gerbil tank. 

Now to make the boring plastic pots more interesting!!!
I have a big bag of seashells my mum and nephew collected for me on their frequent trips to the beach so out it came. Get a pot and spread the decorators filler on the pot very thick (I use a spoon) and stick on the shells... leave to dry and 


Unique and cheap pots

I found I had bought far too many plants so I filled the old gerbil tank with the remainder of the compost and squeezed as many plants in as I could. And all put together they look lovely.

I am suffering a bit now as I didn't use suncream and my back is raw. But it was worth it to have a nice, tidy and pretty terrace. I have had to go inside to avoid any more burns (face still burnt from beaver scout fun day on Sunday) but I can see my beautiful flowers through the patio doors.

I must get on with my big crochet blanket to use up my stash as I have given a ban on buying more by the man in the house. Such a meanie!!

Well enjoy the sunshine and remember the suncream! 

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