Sunday, 22 April 2012

Well I have the house almost to myself for a week! He has gone on a course so its just me and Phoebe...
Phoebe took full advantage by making a huge mess in the living room and eating half an easter egg! Well your only 2 once! So I have cleaned the house (more or less) put fresh linen on the bed and plan on ordering a Chinese for dinner then doing some of the WIPs in my basket while watching Babylon 5 (don't laugh! I refuse to watch the rubbish on the tellybox tonight). Since it is also raining and is cold I can really snuggle up and enjoy myself......

So first thing is to reattach the the head back onto Stripes The Cat Doorstop. He came down about a week ago holding stripes in 2 parts. He said 'The head came off! I don't know how!' I rolled my eyes while inspecting the damage inflicted on poor Stripes and asked a very important question
'Did you pick him up by the head?'


Poor Stripes! He is full of stones and the body weights just over 1kg! 
Picking him up by the head is not the way to go really!

So after assessing him I found he can be saved.... Stronger yarn is needed so I take some wool from the crochet box and get to work.

He came through it very well and is seen here recovering in my WIPs basket. I believe he will make a full recovery and return to his guard duty in front of Phoebes bedroom door soon.

Moving on from stripes.... I was told that a girl I knew well as a child has had a little girl so after a little rummage in my wool box I found 

Now I am still addicted to ripples so it had to be a baby ripple blanket.
I use the Attic24 pattern but instead of doing 2 increases and 2 decreases I only did 1 increase and 1 decrease to make more of a gentle ripple.

I am so happy with how this has turned out and I really hope she likes it.
(I think the bow is very cute too)

My Chinese is now here so I'm off. Toodles........

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  1. Great Blog !!! love your ripple blankets. mine is taking forever to do ! im a new follower .