Monday, 9 April 2012

Sock Draught Excluder

This morning we noticed a piece of paper by the door leading to the basement was flapping about, after checking the basement and were sure the doors were shut my partner told me to make a draught excluder. 
OK! He never tells me to get crafty, normally its an eye roll and he goes into another room.

So I have a rummage in my stash and find 1 long sock, bag of wheat (from my heat bag making days) and bag of stuffing.

I just stuffed it alternating between wheat and stuffing. Once I had filled it as much as I could (when the stuffing ran out) I tied a knot in the end of the sock.

In 5 mins we have one draught excluder with no sewing involved.

It is a bit short but the floor is on a slant. When I get more stuffing I will be filling it a bit more and maybe when I have more time cut a leg off a pair of old jeans to make a more 'trendy' cover.

Right must dash, He is making lunch and Phoebe wants to come down from her nap.

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