Thursday, 26 April 2012

Ok I am missing the car more than I should! I am not a walker by nature!
Phoebe has been very good walking to and from nursery in the pouring rain and wind for just under a mile..
My friends have been troopers picking things up for me and giving me lifts with Phoebe. 1 friend I saw 5 times in one day!!!! We will be sick of each other soon....... 
Its been a nice but hard week! Washing machine broke at the weekend and cant get it sorted until this weekend and the light bulb went in the bathroom and we don't have any spare (loads of fun at night!).
On the upside the kitchen is clean for more than 5 mins!

I have been able to do crochet most days and flew through a poncho for Phoebe
the pattern is from

It was so easy and only used 1 ball of 100g Robin Paintbox (I think it was carnival)

Its so bright and beautiful! Needs more tassels but I will add them when I get more scraps from other projects.

I got a lovely surprise in the post yesterday, some balls of pink wool sent by a lovely lady on 'Stitch and Bitch' on Facebook who took pity on my yarn drought. Was so kind and she would not let me even pay for postage. It means I can do some more rows on Phoebes blanket. 

My parents are coming to visit at the weekend and it Phoebes' 3rd Birthday. Mum said she has got me loads of pink yarn for the blanket as well as bags of goodies she has collected for us! (we live so far apart we don't see enough of each other and 'collections' are amassed in the interim months)

My Cat has been getting himself comfy and I keep finding him on Phoebes blanket on top of my yarn box!

As much as I would love to spend the afternoon snuggled up in the warm and dry doing nothing but crochet and watching Phoebe play I need to do some housework. There isn't much really it's just finding the get up and go to do it...

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