Friday, 6 April 2012

Happy Easter! I have been super busy with work but found time to make an easter bonnet for a friend who is adamant that she isnt crafty! It was for a compettition with the WI and I am still waiting to hear how it went and for the photos! 

Today I picked up my ripple blanket for Phoebes room, its supposed to be for her 1st bed we are getting her at the end of the month but I think I may have made it a bit big..... What do you think?
So I think this is a blanket made from side to side rather than bottom to top. 
I follow the tutorial from Attic24 and to start with chained 19 sets of 14 then 3 at the end for turning so a total of 269 chains.
I chose my yarns

I have used he 'Wizz Aran' for a few little projects. One of them being this cute wrist warmer that I use on my left hand while crocheting due to getting very cold fingers and knuckles. It works well. The pattern can be found at 'S'like a spider fell out of an inkwell and stumbled over th'page' (See my pages for full details).
They were easy to do even though I tried to be clever. The pattern says chain 30 and I thought that would be too big as I have teeny wrists so spent a day doing different chains and a few rounds until I realised 30 chains was the only size to go over my hand. 

Its soo comfy and warm!

But I digress..... Back to the blanket...

After working on this blanket for about 13 hours I have 11 rows and used up all of the 'Wizz Aran' so a quick stop at £stretcher was needed, was a bit crowded on a bank holiday but I managed to get the last ball of the pink. 

So tonight while I am a Warcraft widow and Phoebe is in bed I intend to take up the whole sofa and crochet like a trooper! I estimate (using a stopwatch on my phone) that it takes 47 minutes to do 1 row...
I will stop only for dinner and to watch Twilight Breaking Dawn Pt 1. 
It will continue all weekend in-between the cleaning. The In Laws and a good friend are coming to visit next Friday and the house is a tip.

I am going with said friend (a bloke in his 30s) and the Mother In Law to a Steps concert on Friday.

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