Thursday, 26 April 2012

Ok I am missing the car more than I should! I am not a walker by nature!
Phoebe has been very good walking to and from nursery in the pouring rain and wind for just under a mile..
My friends have been troopers picking things up for me and giving me lifts with Phoebe. 1 friend I saw 5 times in one day!!!! We will be sick of each other soon....... 
Its been a nice but hard week! Washing machine broke at the weekend and cant get it sorted until this weekend and the light bulb went in the bathroom and we don't have any spare (loads of fun at night!).
On the upside the kitchen is clean for more than 5 mins!

I have been able to do crochet most days and flew through a poncho for Phoebe
the pattern is from

It was so easy and only used 1 ball of 100g Robin Paintbox (I think it was carnival)

Its so bright and beautiful! Needs more tassels but I will add them when I get more scraps from other projects.

I got a lovely surprise in the post yesterday, some balls of pink wool sent by a lovely lady on 'Stitch and Bitch' on Facebook who took pity on my yarn drought. Was so kind and she would not let me even pay for postage. It means I can do some more rows on Phoebes blanket. 

My parents are coming to visit at the weekend and it Phoebes' 3rd Birthday. Mum said she has got me loads of pink yarn for the blanket as well as bags of goodies she has collected for us! (we live so far apart we don't see enough of each other and 'collections' are amassed in the interim months)

My Cat has been getting himself comfy and I keep finding him on Phoebes blanket on top of my yarn box!

As much as I would love to spend the afternoon snuggled up in the warm and dry doing nothing but crochet and watching Phoebe play I need to do some housework. There isn't much really it's just finding the get up and go to do it...

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Well I have the house almost to myself for a week! He has gone on a course so its just me and Phoebe...
Phoebe took full advantage by making a huge mess in the living room and eating half an easter egg! Well your only 2 once! So I have cleaned the house (more or less) put fresh linen on the bed and plan on ordering a Chinese for dinner then doing some of the WIPs in my basket while watching Babylon 5 (don't laugh! I refuse to watch the rubbish on the tellybox tonight). Since it is also raining and is cold I can really snuggle up and enjoy myself......

So first thing is to reattach the the head back onto Stripes The Cat Doorstop. He came down about a week ago holding stripes in 2 parts. He said 'The head came off! I don't know how!' I rolled my eyes while inspecting the damage inflicted on poor Stripes and asked a very important question
'Did you pick him up by the head?'


Poor Stripes! He is full of stones and the body weights just over 1kg! 
Picking him up by the head is not the way to go really!

So after assessing him I found he can be saved.... Stronger yarn is needed so I take some wool from the crochet box and get to work.

He came through it very well and is seen here recovering in my WIPs basket. I believe he will make a full recovery and return to his guard duty in front of Phoebes bedroom door soon.

Moving on from stripes.... I was told that a girl I knew well as a child has had a little girl so after a little rummage in my wool box I found 

Now I am still addicted to ripples so it had to be a baby ripple blanket.
I use the Attic24 pattern but instead of doing 2 increases and 2 decreases I only did 1 increase and 1 decrease to make more of a gentle ripple.

I am so happy with how this has turned out and I really hope she likes it.
(I think the bow is very cute too)

My Chinese is now here so I'm off. Toodles........

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

I decided that since I cant do my blanket due to lack of pink it was time to give hats a go.

Took me about 5 hours to do and looks lovely.

As I was using Wizz Aran yarn its not as floppy as the pattern and does not sit well on my head as my hair is so thick. This one will be a gift and I will make another and add more rounds.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Phoebe's Room

Now that Phoebe can climb out of her cot it is high time to get a bed and sort out her room properly.

I have lots to do! 

Her blanket is coming on nicely.

Phoebe loves it so far as you can tell.

I have been painting her wardrobe today and it needs another coat then it will be ready to go upstairs. A kind friend has given us an old mid sleeper bed that they cut the legs off, so its the right height for a toddler and has the safety bars all round. That needs to be painted and a mattress bought. It frees up limited funds for a new rug and chest of drawers. 

Blanket Getting Big

Monday, 9 April 2012

Sock Draught Excluder

This morning we noticed a piece of paper by the door leading to the basement was flapping about, after checking the basement and were sure the doors were shut my partner told me to make a draught excluder. 
OK! He never tells me to get crafty, normally its an eye roll and he goes into another room.

So I have a rummage in my stash and find 1 long sock, bag of wheat (from my heat bag making days) and bag of stuffing.

I just stuffed it alternating between wheat and stuffing. Once I had filled it as much as I could (when the stuffing ran out) I tied a knot in the end of the sock.

In 5 mins we have one draught excluder with no sewing involved.

It is a bit short but the floor is on a slant. When I get more stuffing I will be filling it a bit more and maybe when I have more time cut a leg off a pair of old jeans to make a more 'trendy' cover.

Right must dash, He is making lunch and Phoebe wants to come down from her nap.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Happy Easter! I have been super busy with work but found time to make an easter bonnet for a friend who is adamant that she isnt crafty! It was for a compettition with the WI and I am still waiting to hear how it went and for the photos! 

Today I picked up my ripple blanket for Phoebes room, its supposed to be for her 1st bed we are getting her at the end of the month but I think I may have made it a bit big..... What do you think?
So I think this is a blanket made from side to side rather than bottom to top. 
I follow the tutorial from Attic24 and to start with chained 19 sets of 14 then 3 at the end for turning so a total of 269 chains.
I chose my yarns

I have used he 'Wizz Aran' for a few little projects. One of them being this cute wrist warmer that I use on my left hand while crocheting due to getting very cold fingers and knuckles. It works well. The pattern can be found at 'S'like a spider fell out of an inkwell and stumbled over th'page' (See my pages for full details).
They were easy to do even though I tried to be clever. The pattern says chain 30 and I thought that would be too big as I have teeny wrists so spent a day doing different chains and a few rounds until I realised 30 chains was the only size to go over my hand. 

Its soo comfy and warm!

But I digress..... Back to the blanket...

After working on this blanket for about 13 hours I have 11 rows and used up all of the 'Wizz Aran' so a quick stop at £stretcher was needed, was a bit crowded on a bank holiday but I managed to get the last ball of the pink. 

So tonight while I am a Warcraft widow and Phoebe is in bed I intend to take up the whole sofa and crochet like a trooper! I estimate (using a stopwatch on my phone) that it takes 47 minutes to do 1 row...
I will stop only for dinner and to watch Twilight Breaking Dawn Pt 1. 
It will continue all weekend in-between the cleaning. The In Laws and a good friend are coming to visit next Friday and the house is a tip.

I am going with said friend (a bloke in his 30s) and the Mother In Law to a Steps concert on Friday.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Well my party last night went very well.. lots of drink was drunk and lots of laughs and giggles. But everything that happened is never to be spoken about again LOL

I have made some progress on my big blanket over the last few days. 32 small granny squares have been put together to make 8 larger squares. Still a way to go but still in love with it.
It will be wonky!
There is no doubt about that and I wont be blocking it as I like the unevenness of it.