Saturday, 17 August 2013

Time for a catch up!

What has been happening in Wales...... well you may remember me talking about my new car and I was going to make an adipose to keep The Doctor company. Here he is!

He is so cute and getting lots of cuddles from Phoebe when we are out and about.

Phoebe and I went to visit my parents in Southend for a week and it was lovely to be pampered by my mum, she got Phoebe up every morning so I could have a lie in and there was lots of fun down the beach.

And ice cream for breakfast after a dip in the paddling pool

When we got back home we found the manshape had been very busy clearing out the basement and spare room. He has moved everything around and made me a studio! I am so excited about this! My own room just for me to play and I can watch my Babyon5 dvds without complaint :) 

Isnt it lovely!

It looked a bit bland with all the light furniture so I dug out my grandfathers old encyclopaedias and removed some the most interesting pages. Phoebe and I had lots of fun glueing these pages to the table top.


I moved on to making some coasters. At ParentNet we had been introduced to encaustic wax art, its using an iron and melting different colour wax on to it and ironing on the hot wax to card. The effects are lovely and I used the first card I did to make inserts for coaster frames I had been given. 
Here they are

Now you know me by now and I do nothing by halves, I got so into the encaustic session that I let my geek out and made this......

There was some giggling by the others at the group but all were impressed. I have been loaned some of the equipment to have a practice then I will be going round some of the other groups to introduce them to this fun art form. (I did find out the hard way about the burn hazard when wiping the wax off the iron!) 

I have been getting to know Pinterest very well recently and found a pin that explained if you use PVA glue mixed with food colouring you can paint glass and it will still be transparent. 
I found some old sherry glasses in a charity shop for £2 and a sundae glass in poundworld. 

I made the mix and laid it on thick, here is work in progress

and the finish results

cute tea light holders.... 

vase...... (The blue is still wet hence why it looks odd)
the effect is lovely and adds a nice splash of colour to the studio.

I had some of the mix left so I added colour to some of the drawers on my ikea storage boxes

I love my little hideaway and some of the drawers are empty waiting for some beautiful hand dyed yarn to arrive from a co op and a lovely lady on Hook Up with the Crafty Bums. I will show off pics when they arrive.

Speaking of new yarn, my mum (yes it totally her fault) took me to her local chemist where she has seen some very bright wool. She didn't keep an eye on me and I ended up buying 3 balls of each of these!

I am making a blanket for the studio, its a work in progress (WIP)

Its much brighter in real life.
She also took me to a haberdashers near my sisters, and again she didn't keep an eye on me and I ended up with this little lot......


There was no hiding all that when I got home.

I do have some huge news (well I think its huge) I have been given permission to set up a brand new scouting group in the village with my bestie and her mother in law. They both had said they would never go into uniform..... it didn't take much convincing I will be honest. This has taken up a lot of time and the support from the community has been overwhelming! We now have 2 new cub scout leaders and they are so awesome, I have not laughed so much at scouting events for a very long time. We are a very strong team already and I can tell we will be laughing together for a very long time. I will make a post about our new group after the opening night in September.

So that's what I have been up to. I have a minion hat to finish tonight for my nephew so best be off.


Wednesday, 12 June 2013


I have been working so hard to finish my WIPs that have been taking up space. My parents coming up for a visit spurred me on to finish as there was a lot that needed to go back to my sister.

So lets start with the Hook Up with the Crafty Bums challenge blanket. 
This was finished on Friday


I do hope my sister likes it (and never looks at it when she has a migraine)

The Hungry Caterpillar blankets have been very popular here they all are

1: For friend who gave birth early 

2: For another baby born early

3: For my sister

4: For my neighbour 

All the blankets used stylecraft DK, the first 3 used Meadow and Bright Green, the last one used Meadow, Bright Green, Aspen, Spring Green. (Apologies for the pics being a bit ropey I need a new camera)

After finishing all that I found a few hours on Saturday evening while Mum and Dad watched NCIS and the manshape was at a wedding to make my sister another little pressie. 


Now there are many patterns for the converse style booties but I have found them all very fiddly. Then I found Knot Your Nanas Crochet and the pattern was so easy peasy to follow I got these made in 3 hours. Very cute. My sister has been very spoilt and I hope she likes everything.

I am very excited as I have a new car all of my own! A little Ford Fiesta Diesel! The manshape had banned me from putting anything girlie in the 'family car' so now I have my own car I will be filling it with crochet until its obscene! I will add pics when I add bits to the car. The first thing I am going to do is get my 10th Doctor Who doll I made back off Phoebe and he can sit on the parcel shelf with my Scout Leader doll and I have a pattern for an Adipose that will hang from my mirror.

I have a small box the perfectly holds 4 balls of wool so I am going to crochet a TARDIS type cover so it can hold my 'car WIPs' and live in the foot well, I can then make use of the time waiting for Phoebe to come out of school! 

(for non Dr Who fans this is an Adipose)

Another upcoming project will be presents for Phoebes teachers, I found these 

and decided these would be perfect! Pattern found at its a lovely blog so everyone should have a look!

Well as you might have guessed I have made myself quite a long list and I had better get one with it!

Monday, 27 May 2013

Hello I have been naughty again and neglected this blog but it has been with very good reason. 

I am still making many many baby blankets and the challenge blanket for Hook Up with the Crafty Bums. 

So to start I have been making a Spiderman blanket for my nephew, he is about to get a little brother/sister soon so I didn't want him to feel left out.

Its much bigger now but in the washing machine.

The challenge blanket has been coming along at quite a pace, it will become a gift for my sister. crochet stuff isn't really her thing but I am hoping that it's funky enough that she will like it. 

I am starting to fall out of love with this a bit but I am considering using white and slst around the squares to make it pop. The weaving in of the ends is rather hardcore as well. 

I found out about a week ago one of my friends had given birth early so I whipped up a Hungry Caterpillar preemie hat and blanket. Surprisingly this is the only thing that the manshape has said he likes!

The manshape even went as far as saying I needed to make lots of bits of food with holes in for the bottom of the blanket! 
I do hope my friend like this and the hospital allow it.

I decided I had to treat myself too so I ordered a new crochet hook from a very talented lady who runs For the Love of Yarn she is a regular on the Hook Up page and I couldn't resist.

Not a great picture but look it SPARKLES!!! Check out the page, she has some awesome ideas and she has found the geek in us! Last night she posted a pic of a crochet hook made to look like a light sabre! We are requesting sonic screwdrivers, the sword from Thundercats, Harry Potter Wands etc. 

Also check out Sconch Textiles the lovely Samantha has a Bank Holiday offer see her Facebook Page for details. My order is in. The manshape was not impressed when I told him as I have not unpacked the last delivery yet, I explained that order was for the challenge blanket and cant be mixed up with the rest of the stash. He didn't seem convinced. 

I have agreed to have a stash bust, I need a warm cloak with a hood for scout camps. Campfires are fun but does get a bit chilly...... Next camp is in 5 weeks so I need to get cracking 

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Baby Feaver!

Yes everyone is having babies at the moment, I am a little jealous I must admit.

So the baby blankets are coming along at quite a pace now, yes I admit I have cheated a little bit. When I first started to crochet I made lots of square and my intention was make the Attic24 BIG BLANKET, if you look at the bottom of THIS page of my blog you can see the beginnings of it. 

Sadly I got bored of it and sidetracked by big granny squares and ripples and it all got packed away into a drawer. 

Roll on about 11 months and I am in a frenzy wondering how I am going to get all these blankets done in time, I remember the bright squares that have been locked away most unfairly. I had to do some frogging as I had started to join them together, Phoebe had fun suddenly being allowed to pull on crochet.

A few whip stitches and borders later and here are 3 beautiful blankets.

The 'rainbow' one bottom left is for a baby, the 'Pink' one at the top is for babies big sister so she does not feel left out and the tiny blanket bottom right is for big sisters doll. 
I really hope they like it as the mum is an old school friend. 

Phoebe has been obsessed with these blankets and they have passed the 'toddler test' so I am making her a new blanket for her bed. Yes I am going blanket crazy! 

Happily this comes at the same time as a new group project on Hook up with the Crafty Bums. 

Inspiration has come from The Adventures of the Gingerbread lady crazy patchwork.
Here is the layout we need to follow 
I admit to causing a bit of a confusion on the group on Friday. I had counted out all the sizes I needed and posted it to the group to be 'helpful'. Instantly people were saying they had different totals to me and it took about half an hour to realise I had counted off the layout on the blog and not realised the layout above was the one we were working from. oopsie. After many apologies and deleting my post I think I was forgiven. They are the most lovely ladies 

So I had to find my colours and I had a few pennies to spare. There is a shop called Sconch Textiles run by Samantha Conway she also has a Facebook Page. Her prices are very competitive and she has branched out in Zpagetti Yarn, I have not tried it yet but there are some lovely rugs being made in the group at the moment! I digress. Samantha has the stylecraft rainbow packs in stock but I don't like some of the colours, I contacted her and asked if she would make me a purple pink and blue pack, I let her choose and 16 balls of stylecraft for £26.50 and free postage was delivered the next working day! How fabulous is that! you wont get that kind of service anywhere else! 

Here are the colours she sent me (she knows how to make colours go together)

So scrummy!

Now after the confusion we are all agreed how many squares we need. I get on the laptop and make a table so I don't have any doubles (nothing bugs me more than a random item with doubles! Its a tick and I am seeking professional help) 

I am now off to figure out a way to make the larger squares.

Before I go here is my stack so far of the 4 round squares.

I have a lot of hooking to do so I'm off. Remember to check out for all your yarnie needs, you wont regret it! 

Monday, 1 April 2013

Its a TAAAA but not quite a DAAAA!

Remember the pattern I wrote recently for 8 pointed star in basket weave well I have done as much as I can now until the baby it is intended for reveals if it is a boy or girl then I will be adding more rounds to finish off.

So here is the TAAAAA.......

the DAAAA will come around September when baby is born :) 

I have about 5 more of these to make before July so I had better get cracking 

Friday, 29 March 2013

Easter Bonnet

2 weeks ago we got a letter from Phoebes nursery saying she needed an Easter hat and there would be a parade and prizes. Said letter got put down and forgotten about as I have been doing my freelance business work non stop. 

I was reminded on Sunday last week that the Easter bonnets were to be in on Wednesday.... O the Horror!

No time to go into town, and we had no bits to make one out of paper.

I looked on the old interweb most of Sunday for inspiration and found a few bunny hats that were very cute in one way or another but none of them I really liked.

Until I found this one Bunny and it reminded me of the Cadbury Caramel bunny from many years ago, now I don't have any of those colours and wanted floppy ears.

Sunday evening I started by making the hat 

and made the ears and face. Now the manshape said it was cute but it also looked quite scary like it had mixie....... Well that's just charming!

Phoebe was running around quite happy with her hat on Tuesday so I thought I had finished UNTIL she saw a photo of a flower head band (Wednesday at 10am - Nursery starts after lunch) and told me I had to put flowers on her bunny hat.


I find my scraps and get speedy hooking little flowers and leaves 

 Hook hook hook, sew sew sew


I will admit that I was a little smug with myself taking her into school.
She didn't win a prize but although she was trying to help its clear the hat was the work of an adult not a child.

OK I had best be off and get on with the baby blanket and yarn bombing my god awful chair.

Have a lovely Easter

Friday, 22 March 2013

I have been getting creative this month and trying to make my own patterns, now I am no pattern writer and I have used the skills of a few lovely ladies on Hook up with the Crafty Bums to test my pattern. Thank you so much ladies!

I have been asked by a lovely lady to make her a blanket and shawl for her impending grandchild, her only request was that its white. After trawling the internet I decided I would try and merge 2 patterns together. The 8 pointed star blanket and the basket weave stitch. 

Now I would advise to practise the basket weave effect first. This pattern from Craft Passion is perfect.

Here is my practise and it will eventually be yet another blanket for me 

Now once you have the idea of this you are ready to have a go at my pattern for the 

8 Pointed Star in Basket Weave Effect

Stitch Abbreviations:
ch: chain
st: stitch
sl st: slip stitch
tr: treble crochet
htr: half treble crochet
small shell: (tr, ch 2, tr) in same space
large shell: (2 tr, ch 2, 2 tr) in same space
fptc: front post treble crochet
bptc: back post treble crochet

HOOK: 4mm   YARN: DK

Round 1: Magic circle htr 8, sl st join
Round 2: Ch 2, tr in same st, 2 tr in each dc around (16 tr). Join.
Round 3: Ch 2, *skip next tr, work (tr, ch 2, tr) in next tr. Repeat from * around, ending with tr in base of beginning stitch, ch 2, join with sl st in top of ch2 from beginning

Round 4: Sl st into ch 2 space, work (ch 2, tr, ch 2, 2 tr) in ch 2 space, * work large shell in next ch 2 space, repeat from * around. Join.

Round 5: Sl st into next st, ch 2, * work large shell in ch 2 space, fptr around next st, skip next 2 tr, fptr around next st. Repeat from * around. Join.

Round 6: Sl st into next st, Do not ch2 here it looks odd later on when there are rows of ch in rounds not going around a pole. Do the bptr as usual it will look wrong at first but when you get to the end of the round and sl st you don’t see it. bptr around next st, * work large shell in ch 2 space, bptr around each of next 2 tr, skip the next 2 sts, bptr around each of next 2 tr. Repeat from * around, ending with skip 2 sts.

Round 7: sl st into next st, fptr around next 2 sts, * work small shell in next ch 2
Space, bptr around next 3 tr, skip 2 sts, fptr around next 3 tr.* Repeat from * around, ending with skip 2 sts.

Round 8: sl st into next st, bptr around next 2 sts, * work large shell in ch 2 space, fptr around next 3 sts, skip next 2 sts, bptr around the next 3 sts. Repeat from * around, ending with skip 2 sts

Round 9: Sl st into next st, fptr around next sts, bptr around next 2 sts * work large shell in ch 2 space, fptr around next 2sts, bptr around next 2 sts, skip next 2 sts, fptr around next 2 sts, bptr around next 2 sts.* Repeat from * around, ending with skip 2 sts. Join.

Round 10: Sl st into next st, fptr around next 2 sts, bptr around next 2 sts * work small shell in ch 2 space, fptr around next 2 sts, bptr around next 2 sts, fptr around next st, skip next 2 sts, bptr around next sts, fptr around next 2 sts, bptr around next 2 sts*. Repeat from * around, ending with skip 2 sts. Join.

Round 11: Sl st into next st, bptr around next st, fptr around next 2 sts, bptr around next st * work large shell in ch 2 space, fptr around next st, bptr around next 2 sts, fptr around next 2 sts, skip next 2 sts, bptr around next 2 sts, fptr around next 2 sts, bptr around next st*. Repeat from * around, ending with skip 2 sts. Join.

Round 12: Sl st into next st, bptr around next 1 sts, fptr around next 2 sts, bptr around next 1 st, *work large shell in ch 2 space, fptr around next 1 sts, bptr around next 2 sts, fptr around next 2 sts, bptr around next 1 sts, skip next 2 sts, fptr around next 1 sts*. Repeat from * around, ending with skip 2 sts, bptr around 1 st. Join

Round 13: sl st into next st, fptr around next 1 st, bptr around next 2 sts, fptr around next 2 sts, bptr around next 1 st, *work small shell in ch 2 space, fptr around next 1 st, bptr around next 2 sts, fptr around next 2 sts, bptr around next 2 sts, skip next 2 sts, fptr around next 2 sts, bptr around next 2 sts, fptr around next 2 sts, bptr around next 1 st*. Repeat from * around, ending with skip 2 sts, fptr around next 1 st. Join

Continue working in rounds in pattern as established, always working 1 round with small shells followed by 2 rounds with large shells. Continue repeating rounds 8-13 with the number of tr increasing in each large shell round between the "ch 2 space" and the "skip 2 sts". Always check how the stitches are from the row before to determine if you use with fptr or bptr

Final round: Work a large shell round. This is to create sharp points around the edge of the blanket that will lay flat. Block gently.

Here its is what I have done so far.

Close up, because it is white yarn its a little difficult to see the effect. 

This one was done by Sarah

and this one by Amanda

I have had a lot of fun making this pattern and discussing with my willing testers how to make it clearer, thank you so much! 

Please do give my pattern a go, if you do use please could leave a donation via the button to the left. All proceeds are going to my Scout group who are longing for a Flag.
I am happy for blankets made from this pattern to be sold but do credit me.

Well I will be back in a few days. Keep warm out there.